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When you realize that your substance use and abuse has developed into a full-blown addiction, it can be quite difficult to come to terms with what that may mean for you and what you should do going forward. Many people here in Normal, Illinois and elsewhere think of themselves as weak or somehow lacking in character strength or willpower when they find themselves suffering from an addiction. However, this is far from the case. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is one of the most commonly misunderstood disorders in the United States today. And the need for treatment in Normal or elsewhere is also something that is not fully understood. In order to ensure that you are doing what is right for you and your drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to get the basic facts as well as the options for treatment in Normal. Then, you will be able to get into the right  treatment program as soon as possible to help you overcome your addiction.

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What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a disease and this is one of the main concepts that people have difficulty grasping about drug and alcohol addiction. It is not weakness. It is not purely mental or "all in their head" and it cannot be overcome with just the force of someone's will and the power of the mind. An addiction to a substance is a disease that changes a person physically and mentally. In fact, developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol actually rewires the person's brain, making it different in both form and function than it was prior to substance abuse.

Because of these physical and biological factors of an addiction, it is not enough to just think your way out of it. It is essential to get treatment in Normal from a drug rehab or another type of drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. These programs for are designed to address both the biological and mental factors of an addiction so that a person can truly recover from the disease and learn to manage it in the future. Medically assisted detox is necessary for long-term success in substance abuse abstinence as well as understanding and dealing with triggers, cravings, and the like.

Are There Phases/Steps for Addiction Treatment?

While the options for treatment in Normal vary in their exact programs and treatment philosophies, there are some basic phases and steps for addiction treatment that are essentially universal in drug rehab. The first step in any drug and alcohol addiction treatment process is going to be a patient assessment. This is an interview with the person suffering from the addiction to get a baseline for treatment and to determine the severity of the addiction and if there are any other issues to consider in treatment (medical or mental health conditions, for example).

After the assessment is complete, the person will then enter the medical detox phase of treatment. Medical detox gets the addictive substance out of the person's body just like any detoxification process. The difference is that this form of detox occurs under the direct medical supervision and can involve a gradual detox process facilitated by the use of addiction medications (prescription drugs). These medications help to reduce withdrawal symptoms, help with cravings in the short-term and long-term, and make detox easier for the person going through it.

Following medical detox, the counseling and other therapies can begin. Most drug and alcohol addiction treatment focus on a combination of individual and group counseling sessions as well as additional supplemental or supportive treatments. These additional therapies and options will vary from drug rehab to drug rehab. Many patients choose inpatient drug rehab vs. outpatient drug rehab but the choice is up to you.

Types of Treatment

The reason that there are so many different options for treatment in Normal is that every person will respond to therapies and treatments differently. What works best for one person may not have any effect at all on another person. Some drug or alcohol addicts respond best to traditional treatment approaches only including individual one-on-one therapy sessions as well as support group meetings. This is an option available to those who wish to stick to a traditional treatment schedule and process.

However, most people do well with a more holistic and rounded treatment program that offers assistance with all aspects of a person's life affected by addiction and helps to develop unique and innovative coping strategies for the person's return to regular life after treatment. For example, in a holistic treatment program, you might do art therapy to learn how to better express your emotions and deal with triggers. You might also get to try massage therapy, chiropractic care, yoga, pet therapy, and more as a part of your treatment program.

Now that you have a more comprehensive understanding of drug and alcohol addiction as well as the options for treatment, you can better find a program for addiction treatment in Normal that can help you overcome your addiction. Call us for help (877) 804-1531.

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